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I've played competitive sports all my life, and they've taken a toll on my body. About 6 years ago I had reconstructive surgery on my ankle and foot, and it still aches sometimes. The other day it was so intense that it was starting to drive me crazy! I went upstairs and grabbed the healing body butter and within two minutes the pain and aching was almost nonexistent! These products are staples in my home.


I'm having hip surgery in two days, the only thing that gave me any kind of relief was anti inflammatory pain relievers (which I can't take prior to surgery)... that was until this amazing stuff! I wish I would have found this sooner because it works immediately, all the way into my hip and aching muscles. I've also find it works wonders for tense muscles in my neck and shoulders. Such a blessing! Thank you so much!


I gotta say I've been using the healing body butter for muscle/joint pain in my knee for over a month now and I seriously love it. I was a little skeptical at first but it has truly proved itself over and over. I put it on when I know I'm going to be out walking a lot or in the morning when it's cramped up from a night of sleeping. I don't know how it works so well but I just know that it does! Thanks for making such an awesome product! I will be back for more!


My foot was hurting so much it was hard to sleep and I thought that I would go and get that body butter and give it a try! The effect was almost immediate. Plus it smelled so lovely. The pain level was really lessened and actually went away and I was able to sleep peacefully. Loved it! Highly recommend!


I can't go anywhere without these pain relievers. Smell and feel wonderful. The relief is almost immediate


This stuff is amazing for massages! It has a thicker, more long-lasting texture than oils or lotions, goes on nice and thick and gives massaging hands a little more to hold on to, while also slickening the skin enough to move around easier than no-product.

Whenever I'm in pain (and even sometimes when I'm not!) I always ask my boyfriend to rub me with the "good stuff."


My joints especially hurt this time year with all the weather changes. I tried this body butter after a long day and I immediately melted into my couch. Just amazing! Thank you LGS!


I put it on my husband's sore leg and a minute later he asked if it was supposed to work that fast? The soreness was relieved. I also used it on my aching arthritis joints for relief. We both try to avoid taking medication whenever possible. Love this product!